Cable and rope handling equipment

Section transfer

Pizza wheels

Block 90 dgr

Sliders different sizes and types
This product is a guide for the cable / rope and protection during the handling process.
– Made with radius according to cable requirement.
– Lifting 3 ton SWL, safety factors 2.
– Possible opening for cable in/out of slider
– Material: duplex
See picture of 3 tons sliders

SEISMEQ AS has different sizes for 2 ton into 3 ton.
The products is used for handling rope with fearing’s and different sizes of pipe to different sizes of fearing’s.

SWL certified,- stainless steel.
See picture of Donuts

Stern cable shutes

Fairing shutes
Made for handling rope with fairing, tuba parts for better handling of fairing.
Swl tested for 2,5 ton – made from 316 stainless steel.
Safety (Fingers) factors regarding operators.
See picture of Fairing shutes

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Svein Langeland

Lars Reidar Heggøy

Andreas Haese

Åse Langeland


Development and production of seismic equipment has been a priority area for more than 10 years. Starting with basic solutions, we have evolved to become a separate business concept. SEISMEQ is now known as a company with expert knowledge about the industry.

Where to find us

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The company is located in Sunde, near Bergen, on the west coast of Norway.