SMQ Steering Device image
The SMQ®Steering Device has been tailored to the characteristics of the SMQ®Deflectors.
  • The position of the attachment point for wide tow rope is moved relative to the position of the bridle attachment point.
  • Bridle of the deflector can be attached to the steering instead to the crusifix.
  • The AOA is adjusted, within its limits, by moving the lever arm.
  • The AOA can be changed during operation.

Connection of the SMQ®Steering Device

  • The SMQ®Steering device is connected by cable to the termination head of the umbilical, and further through the slip ring with a connection box.
  • Total 8 wires are required in the umbilical, 3 for power (230 Volt) and 5 for signal.
  • The SMQ®Steering device will deliver a signal that indicates the current position of the lever arm. Also a signal for overheating of motor.
  • In the connection box is a radio connector.
  • This radio connector is linked to a handheld device.
  • Alternative the steering can be adjusted automatically by the navigation system.